Brazilian Society of Rheology

The Brazilian Society of Rheology (BSR) is a technical society formed by people and industries interested in Rheology, which is the science of flow and matter deformation.

Rheology involves the study of the behavior of complex materials, including theory and modeling, characterization and applications. These materials are increasingly present in our day to day. Examples include polymers, many foods, biological materials, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, petroleum and petroleum industry materials, among others. 

BSR was founded on October 9, 2009 by a group of academic and industrial professionals who are active in different aspects of the rheology field. The importance of this area has grown enormously in Brazil, and it is believed that our technical community of rheology benefits by owning its own society.

BSR brings together academics and industrialists interested in using scientific principles to help understanding processes and phenomena associated with the flow and deformation of matter. Thus, BSR serves as an interface between academic research and industrial practice: both are welcome, but it is precisely the interaction between the two that makes BSR unique.

BSR organizes the bi-annual Brazilian Conference on Rheology, which is the most important Brazilian forum for discussing problems related to rheology and the flow of non-Newtonian fluids.

BSR is a member of the International Committee on Rheology.

Purpose and objectives of SBR

Its specific purposes are:

  1. 1contribute to the development of rheology in Brazil;

  2. 2promote the research, exchange and diffusion of knowledge in its area of activity;

  3. 3to promote knowledge of rheology through national and international events such as courses, technical-scientific meetings, congresses, symposia, conferences;

  4. 4to promote the exchange between its members and among similar associations;

  5. 5promote exchanges between its members and the international rheology scientific community;