Brazilian Society of Rheology

The SBR is a technical society formed by people and industries interested in Rheology, namely the science of deformation and flow of matter.

Rheology involves the study of the mechanical behavior of complex materials and how it connects to the microstructure. It includes theory and modeling, characterization and applications. Materials of complex mechanical behavior are increasingly present in daily life, nature and industrial processes. Examples include polymers, many foods, biological materials, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, petroleum and petroleum industry materials, among many others.

SBR was founded on October 9, 2009 by a group of active academic and industrial professionals of different branches of the rheology field. The importance of this area has grown enormously in Brazil, and it is believed that our technical rheology community benefits by having its own society.

SBR brings together academics and industrialists interested in using scientific principles to help understanding processes and phenomena associated with the deformation and flow of matter. Thus, SBR serves as an interface between academic research and industrial practice: both are welcome, but it is precisely the interaction between the two that makes SBR useful.

SBR organizes the bi-annual Brazilian Conference on Rheology, which is the most important Brazilian forum for discussing problems related to rheology and the flow of non-Newtonian fluids.

SBR is a member of the International Committee on Rheology.

Purpose and objectives of SBR

  1. Contribute to the development of rheology in Brazil;

  2. promote the research, exchange and diffusion of knowledge in its area of activity;

  3. to promote knowledge of rheology through national and international events such as courses, technical-scientific meetings, congresses, symposia, conferences;

  4. to promote the exchange between its members and among similar associations;

  5. promote exchanges between its members and the international rheology scientific community;

Professional Opportunities

This is a free service from SBR, namely to provide information about job offers, internships, etc. in areas related to rheology. Those interested in publicizing professional opportunities should send an e-mail to:, for an advertisement containing the details of the offer, and it will be published in this space.

Técnico em química

O Grupo de Reologia está com uma vaga aberta para técnico com formação em química. O objetivo da vaga é a supervisão dos laboratórios, visando a manutenção da ordem. Ademais, espera-se promover uma readequação de procedimentos às normas vigentes de segurança. O candidato deve ter experiência prévia no gerenciamento de laboratórios e coordenação de equipes.

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Engenheiro de Pesquisa

O Grupo de Reologia está com vagas abertas para pesquisadores que desejam participar de projetos interdisciplinares, em parceria com a Petrobras, acerca da reologia de fluidos complexos na indústria de petróleo. A caracterização reológica será obtida através de reometria cisalhante, interfacial e capilar. Serão conduzidos testes a pressão atmosférica e/ou alta pressão.

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The bylaws and formation minute of the Brazilian Society of Rheology are available for download

The individual who registers  for a conference of the series “BCR – Brazilian Conference on Rheology” becomes an effective member or student member of BSR, depending on the registration type, for a period of two years.

Those who wish to become members independently of their participation in the BCR must pay an annual fee of R$ 400.00 (effective) or R$ 150.00 (student), which entitles them to membership until end of the current year.

Initiate a commercial partnership with the Brazilian Society of Rheology! Besides supporting the development of rheology in Brazil, institutional members are entitled to advertise their products for free on the SBR website.

Officers and Committees



Departament of Mechanical Engineering

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro



Departament of Mechanical Engineering

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro



Chemistry School

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro



Departament of Mechanical Engineering

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


Executive Committee


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